• Hassle free BBBEE scorecard points tailored to each industry. (Code 600 & 700)
  • Lower investment on Enterprise points (1.25 times the money) – save up to 20% on your investment.
  • We are active in multiple areas and consistently expanding.
  • Your personal involvement with beneficiaries and progress evaluation is an optional benefit.
  • Co-investors (ABSA and others) ensure sustainable outcomes within high impact projects.

Sustainable community transformation with high impact and social dividends.


Implementation of SECOZA

SECOZA engages with individuals within the context of their family and community and with the blessings and support of local leaders. SECOZA also collaborates with any existing initiatives to assist in meeting mutual goals and facilitate general upliftment. Various products and services have been developed to permit local, trained individuals to deliver services in line with the above needs while earning revenue which is in large reinvested into the community.

This not only increasingly contributes to each audience, but also pumps money back into the community. All transactions and revenue streams are therefore fully transparent. SECOZA relies on Internet services in the delivery of its products and services.

Additional Indirect Benefits of SECOZA

Promote your business through us to your target markets reducing your cost of sales.

Explore the possibility of recruiting work ready employees reducing costs and increasing successful hiring.

Selvin Munusamy from BEE Matrix, states that the detail and quality of our reporting makes it easy for him to sign off on scorecard points, adding security to your investment.

The Regional Cooperatives will manage return on investments and focus on a best endeavour basis to repay the investments as soft loans in the next 3 to four years with cooperative managers

A Brief Summary

Your investment joins a portfolio of existing investors, including Government funds, private individuals, International funds and programs like SETA-EG and SETA-MICT

SECOZA creates sustainable Social Entrepreneurs equipped to grow the socioeconomic capacity within their communities

The training programs and planning procedure for new businesses are available on request

The entrepreneurs are supported by SECOZA area teams in equipped centers

Essential links are established with local education institutions and business chambers

Avenues To Help Your Business Excel

A Problem Worth Solving

Our communities require access to opportunities and support. The beneficiary clients pay only a commitment fee for access to resources and support while acquiring a qualification or skill in their chosen careers.

Our Solution

Our platform provide the opportunity for people to acquire basic competencies and skills that prepare them for study, work and business. When people have competencies, they can get access to opportunity, boosting the local economy.

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